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We build lasting connections between brands and individuals

Now, more than ever, your brand needs to connect with customers. How does your brand make your customers feel? If you’re unsure, or even unhappy with that answer, we will develop a plan to define and execute an incredible customer experience from start to finish. We can work independently and are also able to become an extended member of your team. Either way, we'll curate an experience that creates meaningful and lasting connections between your brand and your users.

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In 5 steps, we'll create a strategy that connects with your consumers and builds a community that is enthusiastically connected to your brand.


I'm Amanda, the founder of Lithia Effect. Welcome!

I'm obsessed with building brands by building community. For over 15 years I've been working with brands both big and small to create positive change and taking a customer-centric approach to product design, brand engagement, messaging, and innovation challenges. Today I support organizations and leaders forge a path of purposed based brand and business strategies that grow sales and customer engagement. See more of my work here. 

I'd love to hear about you and how I can help you build your brand and reach your goals. Let's talk.


    Grow your brand and your business

    Using a human-centric approach to establishing brand strategy and values, identifying target market with strategic research, and creating meaningful and engaged communities.


    Brand foundation

    We bring light to the core of who you are as a brand and help uncover the vision and values that drive your organization forward. We help you really uncover your WHY, because this is what will drive your audience to you. Read more... 


    brand build

    We build upon your existing brand and ground it in market research to refine your strategy. By building and implementing feedback loops, we connect brand decision makers to engaged users giving you the ability to deliver an incredible customer experience. Read more...


    brand reach

    We guide brands who have achieved success in their core markets to find and connect with new audiences. We take the passion and spark of your unique story and lift it higher to encompass diverse subsets of users. There are believers out there who you haven’t reached yet, and by crafting new strategies for framing and discovery, we can grow your reach and impact. Read more... 


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    Client Reviews

    It is a rare person who can operate at the intersection of ideation and execution. Amanda Schulze is one such person. Working with Amanda was a high water mark in my career in the bike industry. I look forward to doing so again soon and envy those who will sooner.
    — Brendan Lynch, Charleston, IL
    Amanda’s enthusiasm and passion shine through in everything she does. She is a highly competent product manager and brand champion; is extremely knowledgeable in the outdoor sporting goods arena, and able to deftly communicate her vision. She is able to handle conflicting opinions and challenging situations with grace and empathy.
    — Treena Grevatt, Ottawa
    Over the last year I watched Amanda Schulze build a national community of women cyclists around the Trek brand, preparing them in every way to encourage and inspire others in their home towns. As someone who has experience doing this on the local level, I understand how much vision and passion it takes to do this on that scale. She overcame resistance with thoughtful strategy and kept the whole system running smoothly. Amanda is a person driven to affect positive change in the lives of others.
    — Kristin Phillips, New York City