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When it comes to growing your brand's reach, your customers are your greatest asset.  Guided by your brand foundation, we will build programs that grow engagement and reach new customers by harnessing the power of human energy and creating localized brand experiences that connect your customers not only to your brand, but to each other, in a truly meaningful and unforgettable way.


advocates in the wild

Palmer, Alaska is a small town about 45 minutes north of Anchorage and a gateway to endless opportunities to explore Alaska's rugged wilderness. It was an unlikely place to see more than 30 women gather for a weekly fatbike ride in the middle of February. Unlikely until Heather Campfield brought the advocate program to Palmer and created a plan with her bike shop, Backcountry Bike and Ski, to grow women's cycling.

Heather is an environmental engineer and avid cyclist living and riding bikes year-round in one of the coldest places in the US. She took the program and blew away all expectations. Heather's winter rides not only gave women a place to come and have an incredible time riding bikes, but brought in first time customers to buy new bikes and gear. She led clinics that taught women what to wear in colder conditions, how to change flat tires, and basic bike etiquette. And also helped her shop host events which catered to new and existing riders.

Heather's shop is selling more bikes and gear to women than ever before. Their sales to women have grown significantly and Trek's market share in this shop is at an all time high. The shop attributes the success in sales growth to the work Heather has done as a Trek Women's Advocate.

Is your brand ready to grow engagement with new and existing users? Create experiences that give your customers a chance to connect around your brand and you'll lock-in their loyalty.