brand foundation

Great brands have great purpose. If you need help to ensure your brand's purpose is built on a solid foundation, Lithia will guide your brand team through a series of often challenging, always thought-provoking questions that will help your brand clearly identify its purpose. Out of this clearly identified purpose, we will craft a strong brand positioning statement and a clear value proposition that will serve as touchstones for your brand's decision makers and strategic partners, setting up your team, your brand, for success.


Designing for outreach markets

If you're looking to outreach to markets outside of your brand's core customer with your product or service it's likely we've sat in your seat and faced the same challenges and decisions. The mistake many brands make is thinking about and designing for outreach markets as a single-user group. For example, the women's market is very diverse and dynamic 51% of the population. Just look at the women who came to the Bicycle Habitat Summer Streets ride in August of 2015. One size does not fit all, one bike does not fit all, and one color does not fit all.

Understanding the intricacies of the market you want to reach, who within this market you are really targeting, and clearly identifying what resonates with them (what they want, think, feel, and need) will ensure your success. We will guide you through this process and help you hop over barriers you're currently facing by identifying where your brand, product, or service is currently hitting the mark, where it is missing, and by how much. Then, we'll set up a plan of attack to grow sales and engagement with these incredibly powerful consumer groups.