The Fun Work...


Creating purpose-based branding and brand strategies that lift underserved or often ignored markets.


women's mountain biking

How did IMBA light a fire under 140 women to grow mountain biking in their communities?

They invitated women to ride, build, learn, engage and set their intention to become responsible and involved mountain bikers. 


experiential marketing

How do 60 women to fall in love with your brand?

Find change makers and action takers and bring them together for one increible 3-day brand experience. 


brand engagement

How do bike shops become welcoming and friendly? 

Employ passionate and knowledgeable leaders to connect, inspire, and educate women in their community.


Consumer Research

How do you know what women want in a product? 

Create a culture of listeners who go out, observe, and experience the user's needs first hand. 


leadership training

How do you grow sales to markets outside your brand's core following? 

Hire a team of diverse leaders and decision makers who observe and listen.

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